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There IS such a thing as a FREE lunch

Where in the world has this been! Finally, I don’t have to waste my time planning meals for my family. The government has done it for me!!! If you’d like to just show up at one of the many FREE feeding areas in Utah, check this out. Your children can get free breakfast, lunch, and in some places snacks and supper. To make it even clearer for parents near Cherry Hill Elementary in Utah, we posted some helpful signs to get kids and parents straight to the door. News has also reached us that some of the meal preparation staff are going out looking for people in nearby parks to invite them over for a meal so the food doesn’t go to waste. The truly sad thing is, if the food isn’t used, the schools may lose funding for this vital program. Please make every effort to get out and get a free meal. You might as well do it since your tax dollars and those of your neighbors are supporting it.

Cherry Hill Elementary

Free Breakfast