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As parents we’re not smart enough to know all the things we should know so it’s great when the government steps in to help

There IS such a thing as a FREE lunch

Where in the world has this been! Finally, I don’t have to waste my time planning meals for my family. The government has done it for me!!! If you’d like to just show up at one of the many FREE feeding areas in Utah, check this out. Your children can get free breakfast, lunch, and in some places snacks and supper. To make it even clearer for parents near Cherry Hill Elementary in Utah, we posted some helpful signs to get kids and parents straight to the door. News has also reached us that some of the meal preparation staff are going out looking for people in nearby parks to invite them over for a meal so the food doesn’t go to waste. The truly sad thing is, if the food isn’t used, the schools may lose funding for this vital program. Please make every effort to get out and get a free meal. You might as well do it since your tax dollars and those of your neighbors are supporting it.

Cherry Hill Elementary

Free Breakfast






The Food Pyramid is Replaced

All I can say is it’s about time the government updated the food pyramid logo. Parents and kids around our neighborhood had no clue what that pyramid really meant and how much of certain food types you were supposed to eat. Spending $2 million on this logo is a bargain when you consider all the good it’s going to do in helping families understand the foods and proportions you’re supposed to be eating of each. I’m glad the vegetables area is bigger than the proteins too. The original food pyramid had us eating more grains than veggies but I never thought that was appropriate. This new image really clarifies things for the public. I only hope a campaign will follow to ensure every American gets a copy of this on a poster they can put near their dining area. I am actually really hoping they’ll come out with a graphic for breakfast and lunch as well. My granola fits into multiple categories and I’m not sure how to organize it like this plate diagram since it’s in a bowl with my soy milk. My vegan lunch sandwich also needs a diagram from the side so I can see how to layer the various items vertically like grain, vegetable, fruit, non-meat protein, dairy substitute, grain. If you agree, please share this page far and wide and lets generate support for more government diagrams!

The New Food Pyramid