Stop politicizing children over wise food policies

Oh wow, it’s been a long time since my last post. So much has happened. My government subsidized internet was turned off due to rampaging conservatives trying to say the rich in our state aren’t paying enough, but President Obama finally got my mortgage paid and I was able to use my food stamps with an internet provider to get back online. It’s been quite a battle for my rights.

It was a good thing I got back online too, because it’s just in time to see the disgusting politicizing of children that is going on. Last year I put up an article explaining how grateful we should all be that Michelle Obama had given us a better understanding of the food that needs to be on our plates at meal time and in the proportions we need to eat them. Check it out here. Now that some of these measures have gone into effect, extremist right-wing wackos have totally gone overboard thinking themselves so clever, and are using children to mock the dedicated hard work of our First Lady’s efforts to bring nutrition into the school lunchroom. Check out this disgusting display.

Now that reports are coming out that children are smuggling food into school and creating a black market by selling chocolate syrup by the squirt, something more needs to be done to clamp down and make examples of these children. We need more food police like the excellent work done in North Carolina earlier this year where a young student brought a lunch from home that consisted of a (parent-made) turkey sandwich, banana, apple juice, and potato chips. What mother in her right mind would do this? Exactly, she wasn’t in her right mind. Potato chips???  Turkey??? Turkey always makes me tired. We need energized thinking in children which comes from a healthy lunch that won’t put them to sleep. Thankfully the school was able to give this N.C. child some government approved, safe, school chicken nuggets.

We’re going to need a little more control in the lunch rooms. We can’t have kids leaving school to get more junk food. I think fines are in order like the one in Utah a few months ago where a school left a soda vending machine plugged in during lunch hours and paid a $15,000 fine. How pathetic they are to not even care about the students’ health. That vending machine ought to be taken right out of the building and shot, except some redneck would justify that as a reason to have guns, so we should just ban vending machines altogether. Instead, the people who put in the vending machines should be shot. That’s the proper role of government, to enforce things that ought to be. Kids in school should get healthy school lunches, and none of this nonsense about someone needing more food than another. Food costs money and money should be shared so food should be shared equally too. We need larger food stamp allowances and more quality restaurants that accept them. I hope you’re listening Michelle…


  • fed up!

    Government and the Obama woman need to just stay out of the way and let parents decide what they feed their children. It’s not working and will not work. People always find a way……. Taking away free agency is evil!

  • Calleen Stokes

    Government was never suppose to regulate or feed our children, please stop this foolish use of our tax dollars!

  • Woolleylamb

    What’s worse than being a slave is not knowing that you are one. I’m just an average middle American & it’s my tax money that helps pay for those government subsidized programs. Free Americans Should be able to take care of their children & decide what they should eat for lunch. I pray that you can see this.