There IS such a thing as a FREE lunch

Where in the world has this been! Finally, I don’t have to waste my time planning meals for my family. The government has done it for me!!! If you’d like to just show up at one of the many FREE feeding areas in Utah, check this out. Your children can get free breakfast, lunch, and in some places snacks and supper. To make it even clearer for parents near Cherry Hill Elementary in Utah, we posted some helpful signs to get kids and parents straight to the door. News has also reached us that some of the meal preparation staff are going out looking for people in nearby parks to invite them over for a meal so the food doesn’t go to waste. The truly sad thing is, if the food isn’t used, the schools may lose funding for this vital program. Please make every effort to get out and get a free meal. You might as well do it since your tax dollars and those of your neighbors are supporting it.

Cherry Hill Elementary

Free Breakfast






  • Ken Bowers

    Sounds like Proxy has never taken economics 101. In that course, they plainly tell you that there is no such thing as a free lunch.All one has to do is look at the situation logically. Those supposedly “free” lunches cost money, or does he think that a person can go out and pluck these lunches from a “free lunch” tree, something like a money tree? So logically, where does the money come from? Since it comes from the government, it has to come from one of two sources, taxes or printing money.
    If from taxes, those taxes come from the taxpayer who is Proxy, myself and others. The taxes go to the government which takes out a substantial portion, often more than 50% of the money that comes in, on bureaucracy which is wasted because the bureaucrats produce nothing. Then the money goes out to the free lunch program where contractors, who have no personal interest in the outcome, overspend the money given them. So the lunches wind up costing much, much more than they would if there were no lunch program in the first place. The real cost of the program is thus deflected over the entire taxpaying population, so that it is not as obvious as it would be to the person who is really responsible for feeding their own children in the first place.
    However, the real problem is that by thus inflating the true cost of feeding kids because of government waste, it causes governments to go into debt, and when they do that they must get out of debt by borrowing or printing money. Either way causes a slow debauching of the currency, (inflation), which, in the end, destroys the very people the original program tried to help. That is, the parents who rely on the free lunch programs wind up being poorer (through inflation of the currency) and that only serves to enslave them further. So how can that be of help to the poor?
    Just plain common sense tells us that there is no such thing as a free lunch. There is always a cost to this stuff, even when a person takes on the role of giving away free charitable lunches. It costs the benefactor, and if he or she tries to spend more that they make in order to relieve hunger for the poor, they wind up in bankruptcy which only worsens the plight of the poor.
    When will liberals ever learn?

    • Proxy

      The government IS a money tree. Stop attacking me. Your rhetoric is just hateful for the poor.

      • Tom_chapman


        • Tonks

          It’s actually satire. Very clever, pRoxy!

  • ker

    If your neighborhood is smart they will not come to your “free lunch” Nothing is free. Our freedom taken from us from more and more taxes which will work us to death in the future.

    • Proxy

      Air is free. This lunch is free for those who attend.

  • Well I think we should support the government to go bankrupt. Non of the governmental programs are pay for by the tax payer. The tax payer has only been paying the credit card payment of the Government sense the 80’s. Maybe this will give other countries the idea to stop giving us the credit card to run our country and we can rebuild the republic because we have no more money to pay for Socialism.